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Charmaine Anderson 


"Romantic Roses, Blue" Crop Top and Yoga Pants 







Charmaine Designs online store offers the Charmaine® brand of premium quality women's activewear. The line features original textile designs created by Charmaine Anderson, a multi-disciplined designer and owner of the parent company, Real Art Studios, LLC.

The Charmaine® activewear line features prints designed exclusively by Charmaine, which include beautiful florals, animals, sporty geometrics, holiday themes and whimsical motifs. The unique printed activewear imparts a sense of elegance and optimistic joie de vivre and reflects Charmaine's love of nature.  

CharmaineDesigns.com offers printed leggings, caprisyoga pants, yoga topstank tops, bodycon dresses and tote bags. The Charmaine activewear line offers a wide selection of matching tops and bottoms, for a high fashion look. 

Charmaine® activewear fabric is made from premium quality, moisture-wicking polyester spandex that is very durable, soft and comfortable. The ratio of spandex to polyester is higher than most brands, offers four-way stretch and will never lose its elasticity. The fabric is also machine washable and dry-able. Unlike some other brands, our leggings  will not develop holes or tear with normal use. The fabric is also opaque so you can't see through it when worn.

The wide selection of Charmaine® activewear prints allows women to express their unique personalities. Women can look and feel beautiful during their workout and go confidently from their yoga session to lunch or shopping and feel good about their appearance wearing our  printed leggings, yoga pants, capris and sports tops.

Charmaine Anderson, is an award-winning designer who has designed numerous products for companies such as Nike, Intel Corporation and premium apparel for major marathons. "I started this activewear line because I wanted to bring a sense of beauty, elegance and femininity to the women's activewear marketplace," said Charmaine. "Much of  women's activewear is designed and dominated by male owned mega brands and therefore tends to have a very masculine look to it. I wanted to offer women's gym clothes that represent a more  feminine point of view and offer women another choice. I love designing pretty textile patterns and am thrilled by the positive response to my designs. It is very gratifying to hear how many compliments my customers receive when they wear my activewear and I am delighted with their enthusiasm for my products."

The Charmaine® activewear line is made to order, is not mass produced and available exclusively from CharmaineDesigns.com. The store serves customers that reside in the U.S. and Canada. 

Charmaine Designs is a subsidiary of Real Art Studios, LLC, an Oregon Corporation.